Giloy (Capsules) 120 Cap


Giloy is also known as the “Amrut” in Ayurveda. As the name suggests it is a nectar to the human kind known for its immune-modulatory action Giloy has been in use from ages in Ayurveda. This medicine has been in news from time to time because of its immunomodulatory (immune boosting ) activities, some of the doctors using it for Swine flu, Dengue, Rheumatoid Arthritis to the gut related issues.

Being a natural herb there is a challenge to standardize the product as the same herb from different regions may exhibit different results. Giloy from the Himalayas may show high active principles than giloy from other places. In anvit Ayurveda we commit ourselves to get the maximum from this plant as we are using extract form. which has lot many benefits when compared to raw herb starting from

  • Easy to digest
  • High absorbability
  • More effective compared to raw drug
  • Easy to maintain quality
  • Low dosage for high efficacy

It’s a pray and request from Anvit Ayurveda team “stay safe stay health”


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Q: What does it contain ?

Each capsule contain 500 mg of Giloy extract
One to two capsule two times a day after food with water or as prescribed by the doctor
1 to 2  cap two two times
Yes you  can  take this product  during  covid also. doctor consultation recommended
No dietry restriction have wholesome food for better results.
Depending upon the requirement can be consumed for longer duration, for any illness doctor advise recommended. To ask any quarry you can reach out to our doctors also.
Yes it is safe if you don’t have corona as it works well to boost your immunity.

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