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Savita Bhutani

Yoga Coach

Live immune is one of the rare immunty drink in the market which is tasty and equally healthy. I am drinking from a past few days and I feel fresh. It is must have product for all household specially in such troubling times.


Author, Life Coach

Great taste

Pankaj Sharma

Manager, Axis Bank

This immune drink is pleasant and tastes wonderfull. I find it a helpful when I feel that I need boost to my immune system to either fend off an illness or to reduce symptoms and recover more quickly.

Pragti Chopra

Nutritionist Weight Management Coach

Live is an amazing amalgamation of herbs in right quantity .I along with my whole family started taking it on recommendation of a close friend. Within few days , all of us experienced reduction on phlegm, increase in energy and happy state of mind.

I think this blend is made of quality ingredients in right quantity gives a super soothing affect. The biggest advantage is deep sleep and lower stress levels.

Deepanshu Garg

Managing Director - Creative graphics

The kadha is really good, tastes good and so refreshing yet so healthy. Best part is it’s so easy to make and maintain as the packaging also is very comfortable.

Divya Mehta


It tasted so nice and has a rich flavour and I am sure it is extremely beneficial πŸ™‚ I added turmeric also to it… A great immunity building portion… Thanks πŸ˜‡

Monica Bhatia

Writer at Gartner

I have been using Live Immune Kadha since a month. The fragrance, essence and taste depicts the amazing purity of the mixture. Additional, the key ingredient- giloy enhances the immunity acting as booster. I have recommended the product to my family as it helps the one to fight COVID naturally and also increases the immunity in general.

Dr Chakshu Parmar


Immune Boosting supplements

Giloy (Capsules) 120 Cap

Rs. 549

Ayush Kwath (Kadha) 200g

Rs. 449
Rs. 400

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