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Diabete is a disease characterized by the
  • polyphgia (excessive hunger)
  • poly dipsia (excessive thrust)
  • poly urea (excessive urination)
  • other common sympotoms are like restless ness, loss of energy, sudden dip in energy etc

On examination (blood report )High blood sugar levels are confirmatory of the same.

India is hub for diabetes And holds 2nd rank in number of patients in world and estimated to be 77 millions , which means 1 out of six patients affected by diabetes is from India alone.

Diabetes posses a serious threat not in terms of it’s own capability of harming your body but it also provide shed to many infections because of its unique quality of making body immune deficit.

Which means a person suffering from DM (diabetes melitis ) is more prone to any infection than any other ordinary person.

In such a time of pandemic diabetes patients are considered to be the at higher risk of getting infected as well as carrying more probably of developing secondaries which may prove to be fatal So diabetic patient needs to be bit more conscious in such a time…

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